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This web page is a basic primer on progressing cavity (PC) pumps used in down hole applications. By using the term down hole, we mean applications where the PC pump is installed underground and is used for the purposes of pumping crude oil and/or water (usually called artificial lift in the industry). Fluid injection (usually water) is also considered a down hole application.

While there are a number of major OEMs of progressing cavity pumps and equipment, the information they provide seems to be geared towards those who already are familiar with PC pump systems. There is currently very little information available from sources other than OEMs, and what information is available does not address issues unique to down hole PC pump applications.

Numerical Solutions makes control related equipment specifically for PC pump systems. Comprehensive PC pump control products are currently under development.


PC pump systems are relatively new to down hole applications. In recent years their popularity has grown for a number of reasons, including the following:

PC pump system replaces pump jack: This is a becoming a fairly common occurrence in Alberta, Canada. In many situation the oil industry is realizing significant advantages of using PCP systems over conventional rod pump systems.

Equipment Suppliers

Here is a list of some of the major PC pump equipment manufacturers: