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PC pumps on rack pic

PC pumps on rack: Stators (painted blue) and rotors (in yellow or red plastic protective webbing) are stored on a rack. Before a pump is sold, a stator/rotor combination is typically performance tested to ensure the assembled pump will have the correct performance.

PC pump stators: Essentially a steel tube with a synthetic rubber core. A double helix is cast into the center of the metal tube. The properties of the synthetic rubber provide the PC pump with many of it's unique characteristics.

PC pump stators: This end view shows how the rubber section terminates inside the tube and also displays the cross section shape that rotates along the length of the rubber.

PC pump stator cut away: A close up of a stator that has been cut in half along the length of the stator. Here the geometrically repeating pattern is easily seen. Each full sinsoid represents one pressure stage of a pump.

PC pump stator cut away: Another close up from a different angle showing the profile of the synthetic elastomer in the stator.