Driving & Renting a Car in Europe

Driving in Europe - Driving in Europe has many advantages but can add to the stress level at times. The average European driver is far more capable then their North American counterpart. And this fact will be come very clear on your maiden voyage piloting a car in Europe. In the northern countries, driving is typically very orderly and relatively easy. Driver courtesy is usually very good, with people allowing fellow drivers ample space to get in. Passing is always done on the left of the car you are passing, THIS IS ALWAYS THE CASE on the Autobahn, and this rule should be followed religously.

Below are a couple of places that merrit special

Driving in Paris - Driving in Paris is not for the faint of heart. Driving is aggressive and keeping up with the flow of traffic when you are new to the city is very challenging. When the light turns green everyone accelerates immediately, the typically response time for a North American driver to move when the light is green seems to be on the slow side when compared to Parisian drivers. Intersections seem to have "leakage", as people seem to be going through very "stale" red lights. Like many European cities, Paris street names change from block making things difficult. Usually however, a number of main roads will use single name and can be invaluable as a reference point and guide.

Driving in Italy - Driving in Italy is generally somewhat more aggressive than the rest of western Europe. As one drives further south the temperature warms up and so does the aggressive nature of the drivers. Rome can be a bit challenging is also not for the faint of heart. Driving is generally very aggressive but fairly orderly, Keeping up with the flow of traffic when you are new to the city is very challenging.

1996 Porsche 911 Carerra S - I rented this car in December of 1996 for a couple of days of Autobahn cruising. It is the ultimate car for me.

The 911 at 240km/h

Renting - Once you decide that you are up for driving part. Renting a car is easy. However if you are from North America you can save about 50-75% of the cost of a car rental be renting it from a Travel Agent in North America. You can be in Europe at a car rental agency and phone back to North America, to book your appointment immediately.

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