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Applied research and development activities at Numerical Solutions are centered around the development of four advanced computer projects.

Single sensor torque control for electrically powered PC pump surface drives

Historically control systems available for electrically driven PC pump surface drives are few and far between. Examples of existing control equipment show that the current state of the art equipment is still very primitive.

Typically this equipment is a modification of an existing control device. Its suitability for providing PC pump control is, in some cases, compromised by this generic approach. In other cases, the company has used only minimal amounts of empirical field data before making the product commercially available. A close study of the above equipment shows that there is much room for improvement, and competent, reliable control products specifically designed to meet PC Pump requirements are not yet available.

This project employs the use of a single low cost sensor to provide the necessary torque information for control of an electrically driven PC pump surface drive. This product is unlike any PC pump control product currently on the market. It employs proprietary technology to calculate both polished rod torque and RPM. From this information it decides if the surface drive needs to be shutdown due to a problem with excessive torque or unusual fluctuations in torque suggesting a problem with the pump, rod, or surface drive. Complex algorithms that have been derived from direct oilfield observations avoid unnecessary downtime, while maintaining the best equipment protection possible.

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Proprietary PC Pump Variable Frequency Drive

Prototype VFD design bench

Shown here is a proprietary VFD motor control operating a 1.5hp 3 phase motor. This prototype experiment validates the possibility of building a VFD designed specifically to operate a PC pump. The benefit of developing this type of VFD are many, and can be summed up as follows:

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Real Torque Sensor

A PC pump product to provide actual measured torque values from the polished rod. Designed to stay on the well indefinitely and capable of operating in all weather. This device can provide control to both electric and non-electric (as shown below) PC pump drive systems.

PC Pump system driven by gas motor pic